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AD9361 External LO for receiver

Question asked by Raveendra on Apr 23, 2014
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I am using AD9361 chip and i want to operate the chip from 30 MHz, but the chip minimum operating range is 70 MHz, so i though to use for the frequencies less that 70 MHz, i will use external LO through that i will generate the required frequency. Suppose if i need 30 mhz input frequency i will generate 30 MHz from that External LO.


This type of experiment will it work? is anything limited inside even though if i used external LO? If any constraints please let me know.

I want to know what is performance impact if i use internal LO and external LO. What is the difference between if i use internal LO and external LO?

what type of cares i need to take care if i use External LO like (type of signal like sine wave,square wave, Amplitude, phase noise and etc)?


My application is from 30 MHZ and please help me the method which i want to use?