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Odd modifier in SIMD (assembler)

Question asked by Tom00 on Aug 3, 2010
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Is it possible to have an odd modifier in SIMD mode?

Below I have an example with 7 channels (modifier) and 128 samples per channel. Is it possible to compute sum0 and sum1 in parallel?

(I have written a program in assembler with an odd modifier, which seems to work. )





// Enable SIMD
for(i=0; i <6, i+=2){
     for(j=0, sum0 = 0, sum1 = 0; j <128, i++){
         sum0 += input[i+j*7];
         sum1 += input[i+j*7+1];
     output[i] = sum0;
     output[i+1] = sum1;