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ucLinux and CCES MCAPI Interoperability

Question asked by pschmid on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by Smiao

Hi all,


I am looking to combine Linux running on a BF609 with a bare metal application from CCES and using MCAPI as a communications mechanism.  I have Linux running well on CoreA with ICC compiled into the kernel and all the basic tests (msg, scalar, packet) seem to work (or so the tests report).  These tests run tasks within ICC and come from the same source project, so I am not surprised that they work.  I tried the CCES MCAPI examples for the BF609 EX-Kit and they work running bare metal on both cores.  I was delighted to get the MCAPI CCES example working ( - Note that the BF609 EZKIT CCES 1.0.3 has changed this example and no longer works with the Linux application.  Going back to BF609 EZKIT CCES 1.0.2 makes this example work.  I thought I was off to the races, MCAPI looks exactly what I want and is well documented.  However, the only MCAPI examples in CCES are msg based.  While I have msg types working, I am now running into trouble using scalar or packet types (establishing connections, getting a second endpoint on CoreA from CoreB, ...).


I don't want to get into details at this point (we can discuss specific in another thread or later on), but before I go down this path too far, I just wanted to pose the question as to how far ucLinux and CCES MCAPI interoperability is working?  Has anyone successfully used scalar or packet types between the MCAPI implementations?  I understand that MCAPI does not specify the underlying communication mechanisms so there is no guarantee that the two implementations work together.  There is documentation on how ICC is implemented, but I do not know how the CCES MCAPI is implemented.


I am trying to decide whether to stick with this approach, attempt to move the Linux ICC implementation into CCES or write my own communication mechanism.  Any thoughts, pointers or anecdotes are appreciated.  Thanks.