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EZ-Kit 21469 passthrough @96KHz issue

Question asked by mmohang on Apr 23, 2014
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I am working on a prototyping system for my customer with two 21469 EZ-Kits. On one EZ-Kit the codec is configured at 96 KHz and audio data from ADC is routed to DAI_P1 which is audio input on to another EZ-Kit. On the another EZ-Kit the received audio is processed and routed back to first EZ-Kit via DAI_P2. The whole setup is working as expected at 48 KHz sampling rate. But at 96 KHz sampling rate audio is getting distorted. Attached is a simplified version of my setup by which issue can be reproduced with single EZ-Kit.


To reproduce the issue,

->Turn off SW1.1 and SW2.2 on 21469 EZ-Kit

->Short P2.13 and P2.15 on the expansion interface with a jumper wire.

->Open the attached project, build and run. Audio should be distorted.

->Disable the macro SAMPLING_RATE_96KHZ and enable SAMPLING_RATE_48KHZ in file init_ad1939.c file and re-run. This time audio should clean.


Can anyone help me where I am doing wrong. It is a high priority for my customer.


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