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Power consumption 2147x vs. 2148x

Question asked by ChristianH on Apr 23, 2014
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I had a closer look to the power consumption of 4th generation SHARC DSPs and was surprised by the big difference in power consumption of the 2147x vs. 2148x chips.

According to the datasheets the IDD_STATIC for 2147x at +45°C Tj and 1.10V VDD is 3.9mA vs. 389mA at the 2148x.

I know that the 2147x is called a low-power chip but that's a factor of 100 between those chips!

I try to avoid to have an insufficient power supply when using the 2147x chips in my design.


Can someone confirm that big difference?

Do the 2147x chips have less performance (besides core frequency of course) than the 2148x?