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General questions concerning the AD9739A

Question asked by HankZ on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by rejeesh

We are interested in using two of the AD9739A-FMC-EBZ

evaluation boards with the Xilinx ML605 (Virtex-6 FPGA) evaluation kit. We

would like to simultaneously produce a single tone (sinusoidal) from each ADI

evaluation board.

In addition, we would like to define (control) the phase relationship between

the single tone produced by each ADI evaluation board if they are of the same

frequency. The frequency of the single tone would range from approximately 20

to 500 MHz.

Thus, prior to committing to the purchase of the ADI evaluation boards and the

Xilinx evaluation kit, we have a couple of questions that we hope ADI can answer.

Question #1 – Is it possible to use the Xilinx ML605 (Virtex 6 FPGA) evaluation

kit that includes two FMC connectors with two (2) AD9739A-FMC-EBZ evaluation

boards to simultaneously produce a single tone from each?

Question #2 – If it’s possible, can the phase delta between the two signals be

modified if they are both defined to produce a single tone of the same