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ADIS16485 - data ready indicator does not fit output rate

Question asked by Vinci on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by NevadaMark

Hello there


I've had the pleasure to work with an ADIS16485 IMU lately but currently have some trouble setting the little fellow up to the application specific needs. I'd like to run the IMU at way lower output rates than the default 2.46kHz and so I've changed the DEC_RATE according to the datasheet.


In order to monitor the output rate I hooked my scope up to the DIO2 line which should put out a data-ready signal by default. It actually looks like it does, but it doesn't change with the DEC_RATE. The output period is always about 10ms long. I can't really explain where those 10ms come from...


There is no question the SPI functions work, since I'm perfectly able to read all the registers like the firmware version or any of the sensor data.


The initialization function just switches to page3, writes 0x51(81) to the DEC_RATE register and returns to page0.

write(0x8003)          // page3

write(0x8c51)          // 0x51 to DEC_RATE


write(0x8000)          // page1


The output rate with DEC_RATE 0x51(81) should be 2460/82 = 30Hz, shouldn't it?



Do I have to write the settings to the flash?

At the moment I've only configured the SRAM stuff.