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ADV7623 Audio Infoframe

Question asked by qinwl on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by mattp

Dear all,

My ADV7623 output audio stream to my DTS/AC3 decoder through APTx0,

I found there are 3 bytes to define audio format in  In the EDID extension block. for example I set this byte to 0x95.the mean is AC-3/5-Channels.

and then I playing my DVD and set audio format as Dolby5.1 output, then my DTS/AC3 decoder can recognize Dolby5.1 correctly.

But if I change the DVD output format to DTS5.1.  then my DTS/AC3 decoder can only recognize the APTx0 output as PCM2.0.

Another say, the format defined in EDID extension must match to the DVD audio source,Otherwise the DVD will output PCM2.0 through HDMI port.

In this time,if I define DTS5.1 in EDID extension.the DVD will output DTS5.1 through HDMI port to ADV7623 correctly.


I have a BOSE AV SYSTEM. it used ADV7604 chipset. the BOSE can always recognize any audio format correctly.

Another say, whatever I changed any audio format on DVD, the BOSE can recognize the same format through HDMI port.


How I can make make my ADV7623 to same as BOSE?


I read out the "Audio infoframe data" . and the coding type bits always 0.