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Can CS terminates SPI data transfer at anytime with AD760x ?

Question asked by LDBM on Apr 21, 2014
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This is a bit of following question on this post. I am using a AD7608: every time a conversion is initiated (CONV), once the BUSY signal indicates the conversion has completed, reading the 8 channel data on the SPI bus is initiated with /CS and clocking the SPI MISO line. Now typically one would read 8 channels * 18 bit = 144 bits on the bus.


In this particular case, I am only interested on a subset of the 8 channels, Let's say 4 channels, which corresponds to 72 bits.

  • Can I reset the /CS after only 72 bit have been transferred without issue?
  • Can I reset the /CS and immediately initiate a new CONV  without issue?