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Though drivers are installed correctly why ADSP-BF561 ez kit selection radio button is deactivated in session dialogue box?

Question asked by shivamkhole on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by shivamkhole

Dear All,

        I have purchased ADSP-BF561 Ez Kit Lite. I have downloaded VDSP 5.00 version from AD web. I have installed drivers required for kit correctly. The device manager shows target as ADI tools. But when I am trying to dump code on board, during session event following options are comming


[1] Ez kit lite

[2] Simulator

[3] Emulator


Out of which I have to select Ez kit but that radio button and option are disabled. I can make selection in between 2 and 3 only


I have configured the target successfully also tested it. Test results are successful. But when I started debug event . message comes showing




And session terminates

Please help me out!!!


Thanks and Regards,


- Shivam Khole