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ad9398   720x576i

Question asked by tom on Aug 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by Andrew.N


I want to receive  the video of 720x576i(Hz)  format from the Graphic card of ATI through HDMI interface.

I set the 576i  format  in the  Detailed timing descriptor of the EDID structure , and  I can find the 1440x576i(50Hz) format in the EDID report of the Graphic card .

In my view  when I choose  the format of  the 1440x576i, the ad9398 should  decode the fomat  in  pixel  repetition .But I find it doesn't indeed.however the pixel clk out of the ad9398 is 27M Hz


so  I  have two questions


1,  the format of  1440x576 (50i)       are   the  format of  720x576i(50Hz) ??.(I try other displayer , there is a 720x576i format in EDID report  . I'm  really confused)

2,  If the first question is  right ! Does the   ad9398  decode the foramt  of 720x576i  in no-repetition  way? 


Does anybody  apply this format,could anyone give me some advice? ,I really can't go further now.


Thanks a lot.