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Plug TXA or TXB would affect the other output port normal display when the customer is  working on ADV7626.

Question asked by Jane on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by lcheng

Dear Sir,
My customer is working on ADV7626 and facing some technical issue.

The attached block diagram is primary about their ADV7626 cascade application.

We tested some issue via ADI ADV7626 EVB as below:

1.    1. Enter the command 'edidmod off' by UART, When plug TXA or TXB cause the other output port display black screen, after a while (3~4s), this affected port display a normal picture;

2.    2. Based on the process ‘1’('edidmod off'), add command 'enc txa off' and 'enc txb off'. It is the same situation as above. One output port display would be affected by the other output port plug.

3.    3. The existing software version of ADV7626 EVB we have on hand is’ BF_SW_7625_7625_X2.1RC2_20131120’


The feature we expected right now is whenever we plug TXA or TXB, the other port display would not be affected absolutely. (The other display port could always display normal picture during the plug process).

Would you please help to advise how to fix this issue by modify software control?

Many thanks in advance.