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My ADSP-21489 collapses when communicating with sigma studio through back channel

Question asked by liangbread on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by deepak.raghotham

Hi everyone,

    I'm running ADSP-21489 with sigma studio,from which,the MIPS can be got as:Avg MIPS=209.6884,Peak MIPS = 215.3333.But the core processor seems to get into the breakdown situation,as it goes back to the beginning of  the main() function when I add the "level detector" module into the block schematic in sigma studio.Besides,rapidly clicking on the "Get MIPS" button to read data from 21489 also leading to running back to the start of main() function.

   Sometimes,there is a prompt up window as shown below:


   To get rid of this problem,I have increased the "block size" to 128 as well as 256,and it really helps but doesn't work out.Meanwhile,I doubt the unstable VDDIN would be the problem to cause this.As after the received the parameter and program data from sigma studio,the VDDIN falls down to 1.18V as increased back to 1.19V after got reset to the beginning of main() function.

   Is there anyone got some idea for this problem?

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