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ADIS16480 and Evaluation Board Questions

Question asked by ianw11 on Apr 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by NevadaMark

(Background:) I (or more specifically my team) recently bought the ADIS16480 and the corresponding evaluation board for use with the BeagleBone Black.  This board boots from a microSD card with an Ubuntu image, and as we found out the driver for the ADIS16480 is already included.

We insmod-ed the relevant drivers, so that allegedly works, but the IMU never appeared under the /sys/bus/iio/devices/ directory.  The example online made it seem like simply connecting the device will make it appear, although lsusb did display the IMU.  Is there something we forgot to do?

The previous portion of finding the device isn't as necessary as figuring out how to use the driver with C code.  To specify, we are a team of college students, and calling driver functions from userspace is new to us all.  Is there sample code we could borrow from to sample acceleration data?  Ideally with code to integrate displacement?

The last point I'd like to ask about is the expected noise of the IMU.  Using the evaluation software, we collect data for about 4 seconds.  During this time, we tested it by leaving it on the table.  When we examined the data, we saw a substantial bit of noise and we're not sure how much it'll affect data collection down the line.  Will we need to perform any calibration on the IMU?


Thanks to anybody who helps us, we're struggling a little bit here and we're under a bit of a deadline so quick help would be highly appreciated!