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Process the floating-point data in BF518

Question asked by liukai on Apr 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by StuartS

My processor is BF518. Recently, I need to process some floating-point data in the BF518. I want to process some data to get the same result in the PC and the BF518. Like this example.



int main( void )


    float y,x=0.6;

    int u=4;

    int i;






    printf("x = %f\n",x);


My PC is win7-32bits. When I run this process in the PC, I get the result is 0.172498. But I get the result is 0.288682 in the BF518. How can I slove this problem.

I know the Blackfin is fixed-point processor.