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Setting AD9361 Parameters Value

Question asked by sunilkumar on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by jinojs

I am working on AD9361 Transceiver &  have followed the steps given in below link


I have ported bit file, complied the code & executed the  c code on zed board.

I have observed the command list by tying " help?" in Hyperterminal.

I tried to change the tx_lo_freq value to 2500 MHz but couldnot change.

When i typed the command " tx_lo_freq?" in Hyperterminal. It returned "tx_lo_freq=8589" which is unexpected.

Moreover, some the command is invalid as per list??

Can you help me, how to change the parameters like , tx freequency, TxRF Bandwidth, Sampling Rate, etc.