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EPPI broadcast mode on BF609

Question asked by Daniel.Wang on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by Suraj


In one application, ITU656 YUV422 active only mode EPPI configuration is used to input video from on decoder, also the PVP is used because  the algorithm needs only one filed data of each frame, I would like to use EPPI broadcast mode to get




                    |                  |------------------>OPF0


                    |                  |------------------>OPF2


I set the VID to

void VSS_PIXC_EPPI0(void)


*pREG_VID0_CONN = 0x00400120u;


At the very beginning I set the EPPI to input all the YUV422data, extracting the Y data using IPF and I got the following input data, each filed or frame losts half of its data, probabely by line.


However, according to HRM, the VID selects broadcast or non-broadcast mode for handling the receive Y channel data, is this meaning that I can't input the whole YUV422 data using EPPI? Then how to configure EPPI and IPF to get the right connection? Thanks.