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Error on Board Support Package for BF609-EZBRD

Question asked by usaghi on Apr 21, 2014
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When using following tools,



Cross Core Embedded Studio 1.0.3

Board Support Package Software for BF609 EZ-Kit. Rel 1.0.3



and tried to generate and execute Power_On_Self_Test included in BSP, then gets following error texts in console, as follows.



Auto-detecting devices on the JTAG chain...


TDO <-----+


         [0] - [ADSP-BF609 rev 0.2 from Analog Devices]


TDI >-----+

Loading application: "C:\HOME\P4\toru\BF609\sample\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\Power_On_Self_Test.dxe"

Load complete.

Core fault detected before halt at address: 0xC800000E.


A fatal error or exception has occurred.

  Description:   An unrecoverable event has been encountered, such as an exception generated whilst processing a previous exception (Exception with EXCAUSE=0x25).

  General Type:  UnhandledException

  Specific Type: UnrecoverableEvent

  General Code:  0x9

  Specific Code: 0x25

  Error Value:   0x00000000

  Error PC:      0xffa1027c



We have other boards which is bought before and it was OK to be executed.

I was looking for which software component is sending above messages, however could not find.


Please give your comment what is wrong can be assumed, whether hardware setting or software, or any hint to researching.


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