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1/2HD LCD Resolution with Blackfin?

Question asked by Gilles on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by Miki



A client of mine handed me a 548 EZ-Kit and a 1280x800LCD (LVDS) and asked me to hook the two together. I have come to the conclusion that the PPI interface may not be appropriate to handle this high resolution at a decent refresh rate (it should be at least 50Hz). Would you say the conclusion is accurate?


If so, could anyone recommend an external 2D graphics controller that could relatively easily hook-up to the 548 memory bus or PPI or a combination (with minimalistic logic)??  Even if it's memory mapped (as is the currently display, they don't really need a character generator or sprites).


Is the 548 actually a good choice for hi-resolution graphics? I'm tempted to tell my client that the 548 isn't the best choice but I wanted to ask the experts first. (It's just that every graphics controller I find seems to be more powerful than the processor itself).


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.