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Question Regarding AD8339

Question asked by kinggame134 on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2014 by MMA

Hello to everyone in Engineer Zone,


I wish to post a technical inquiry about the AD8339.


According to the datasheet for product AD8339 Revision B

on page 29, and with reference to the section "using the SPI Port,"

there is an executable program available at the Analog Devices, Inc.,

website.This program, according to the screen shot (Figure 62) on the same

page, is the AD8339 SPI Interface. When I attempted to search for this

program on the Analog Devices, Inc., website, I could not find it. Please

inform me whether this program is available, or if it has been re-

located, replaced or removed. Should the program no longer be available, I

then intend to program the AD8339 with an Arduino (Uno and/or Mega2560),

as I am aware that the AD8339 accepts SPI signals.


Further, I wish to send a single RF signal into the AD8339. Would doing so

allow me to send that signal into pin RF1P? As a result, I would expect

output signals at pins I1OP and Q1OP. How then should I manage the three

other RF input and six other output pins, if they will not be used?

May they be grounded?


Next, in my case I assume I would need one transimpedance amplifier, or

I/V converter, such as the AD8021, for I1OP and another for Q1OP, followed

by a separate low-pass filter for each of those signals. Fortunately, I

have available the AD7714 Analog to Digital Converter which I intend to

connect to the outputs of the low-pass filters.


As another matter, please explain the requirement for using a DS90C401

LVDS driver for the LO input.


I look forward to your advice and guidance. Thank you very much for your

time and attention to my inquiry.