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DAC of ADuC7060

Question asked by Poorani on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by ABuda

ADuC7060 built in DAC. Normal mode and interpolation mode can be set for DAC. As per page 56, In normal mode, DAC resolution is 12bit. Interpolation mode DAC with 16bit with 14 effective bits. In Page7, for 16bit DAC, Relative accuracy +/-3LSB. In page 9, Note:13,14 reduced code range is given for DAC. In note 14, maximium code is given as 65536 if effective bit is 14 bit, then how  65535 code is possible. Why reduced code is mentioned in Notes?, Does DAC work, beyond that reduced code provided in datasheet? What exact code range the DAC will support in interpolation mode, range is selected as 0-Vref (0- 1.2V). Shall we select internal Vref voltage range from 0.2V to 1.1? With Code range from 1200 to 65535 , Is it possible  for DAC configuration? Please clarify my query.






And explian clearly about the statement given in page 56, " DAC has a rail-to-rail voltage output buffer capable of driving 5 kΩ/100 pF."