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FMCOMMS3 with KC705 eval

Question asked by amateurSDR on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by rejeesh

I am looking to use the Kintex 7 eval board as a software defined radio.  The FMCOMMS3 board looks like a unique and capable board to supplement it with easy control and dynamic tuning.


I've been looking through some of the project files, and am still trying to understand the big picture. For example, if I wanted to run the digital data stream (in real time) coming off the FMCOMMS3 ADCs through matched filters, is this possible?


I've been looking at hdl / projects / fmcomms2 / kc705 / system_top.v.  It seems like a wrapper written on top of the whole project.  Are the individual parts already precompiled or does there exist HDL code for, say, the AD9361 core?  Ideally I'd like to use the functionality of that core for DC offsets, I/Q balancing, etc.  Then, as an output, I could stream the digital data through a matched filter coded on the FPGA.


If I used the ZC706 (which there also seems to be a lot of support for on here), is it possible to stream the digitized I/Q balanced data out of the AD9361 core?  Or must it be packetized after running through the ARM?


I'd like to run custom HDL code to perform functions such as matched filtering, down converting, sampling, and pulse detection in the FPGA fabric.  Is this possible with the code provided on github?  Or will this require a lot of additional custom code?


Thanks so much for your help with this.  Although I have limited knowledge of the capabilities of the FMCOMMS3 board and how it can be implemented in software, the potential to use it in conjunction with a ZC706 or KC705 to provide real-time processing of signals has great potential for SDR.