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AD7829's low noise immunity ? Difference between AD7829 and AD7829-1 ?

Question asked by Sehwa on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by Sehwa

Dear all,


We are applying AD7829 in our design.

Within several hours or several days later in the normal temperature environment

we have very often experienced AD7829's surface temperature becomes hot and A/D converted data are stuck at some fixed value.

After power off and cooling down the AD7829, then it works normally.

Later the same situation happens again.


There seems no mistakes in the power input(3.3V) and A/D input range(0 ~ 2V) in our design.

What do you think of the root causes ?

Have you ever heard about similar issue for AD7829 ?

And what is difference between AD7829 and AD7829-1 ?

In the datasheet, AD7829 and AD7829-1 have same features, absolute maximum ratings and electrical characteristics.

Is AD7829-1 better in actual application ?


Please support me resolving this issue.


Best regards,

SeHwa Park