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ADE7878 Can't start DSP

Question asked by DDSchrader on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by hmani

I am working with the ADE7878 for a 3-phase 480 Volt industrial application. I have code written that initializes the SPI comms and sets up the various registers as per the datasheet without trouble. But, when I set the bit in the Run register, and then verify it by doing a read of the register and a compare, it always reads 0. I can write and verify the other registers, so the code is working properly. I am not sure what can keep the DSP from running or if I simply can't read this register in order to verify it. I am following the various steps in the datasheet in order to setup SPI, lock the SPI for comms, read the checksum register, set everything up, etc.


Are there any register settings that need to be changed from the default state before the DSP can run? I am not at all used to these parts and am still trying to come to terms with how to implement them into this application. Any support from folks who have this knowledge would be helpful and any fellow contractors out there that can help me get this part of this project moving please contact me. Thanks!