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FMCOMMS2 Active Monitoring

Question asked by HCEngineer on Apr 17, 2014
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I am going to be setting up two ZC702s with FMCOMMS2 attracted. One AD9361 is going to be hit with radiation while the other documents the accuracy of the outputs. My current plan is to have both chips running linux drivers and to use the IIO-Scope to load the inputs as a txt in DAC Buffer Output DDS Mode, and have the second chip receiving all the information in Capture mode, and exporting the data as a MAT file for verification (as indicated in the Data Verification section on


My questions pertain to the capabilities of the Linux/IIO.


1) Is there anyway to set up active bit comparison/error detection to tell me when a difference is realized between the sent input file, and the date that the output file is reading? Or does that have to be done in MATLAB afterwards?


2) Through the Linux driver, can I export the status of the registers to a CSV or MAT? Can the output be continually written to file, or do you have to initiate each status update individually?


Thank you for any help provided!