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AD970X DAC output questions

Question asked by minus3dBdown on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by larrywelchusa

I have two questions about the AD970X eval board as you can download on the website here.  This mainly refers to page 5 of the pdf schematic download.  I plan on using an output transformer to go from diff to single ended as per the schematic. 


What I want to know is that can I take the circuit directly from eval bd, with some mods, and drive a 50ohm filter or does the termination impedance need to be something else?


1) What is the available signal level at the output into 50ohms? What is the power in dBm?


2) Can the circuit, as configured in the schematic, drive a reconstruction filter with Zo=50ohms?  I realize some resistors need to be removed.