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Please help finding the type/schematic of my MT9V024 headboard.

Question asked by has981 on Aug 2, 2010
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Appologies if I'm posting in the wrong forum...




I have a sensor headboard MT9V024 and I'm not sure what is the type of the headboard or how to tell (MI350, MI351, MI354 and MI360 ... not sure if there is more)... There is nothing written on the board itself, the schematic is not included in the DevSuite installation and I can't find it (the schematic) on the web....


I need to learn the type and have the schematic so I can verify I'm configuring it correctly with AV-EZ Ext and BF-533 EZ KIT Lite.


I've tryed contacting Aptina on several occasions but they seem to ignore my e-mails!!!


Also, does anybody know what is the difference between these micron headboards  (MI350, MI351, MI354, MI360)?


I really appreciate any help on this.


Many thanks in advance,