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Question about Continuous Sampling without Buffering using AD7626 Eval board

Question asked by Shaodong on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by Shaodong

Hi All,


I am using AD7626 evaluation board in connection with CED-1Z as a reference sampler for my research application. All settings to initialise the conversion through Eval PulSAR CED Rev. 1.7 have been successfully configured to give a reconstructed waveform on the demonstration Labview Programme (Thanks again, Karen, for sending  the replacement). However, the evaluation kits linked with the Labview demonstration programme adopts buffer mechanism which discontinues the sampling for data transfer. My question is how to configure the AD7626 evaluation board to work stand-alone and give non-buffered data conversion so I can load data from the PPI interface from CED-1Z (I understand the Labview evaluation programme might not work properly without buffering, but displaying all the data on screen isn't very helpful to my application).


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