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ADV7403 digital clamp timing time constant

Question asked by goksan on Apr 17, 2014
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We are using ADV7403 for PAL input and we have a delay requirement for this decoding operation. However, in standard defition processor section,

ADV7403 user manual says "DCT[1:0] Digital Clamp Timing" time constant is 100 msec in fast mode[DCT:10] (page 132) which is a very high value for us. Is this time constant process  one-time operation at the beginning or do we have to wait 100 msec for every new frame /field? Moreover, when DCT[1:0] is determined by ADV7403 (DCT:11), can "100msec time constant" be improved significantly?


What is the total approximate delay between output and input (in case of using curent clamp also) for a PAL video in this decoder?


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