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ADV8003 eval board running hot

Question asked by HankZ on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by lcheng

We are using the ADV8003 eval brd and think we have a problem. The board seems to be operating very hot.

The first board developed an unstable video similar to horizontal sync not locking to the base video. As the chip heated up we would lose the video output.

I discovered the ADV8003 chip was very hot (114 degrees F) so I used a cooling device to bring down the temperature. This made the chip very stable and the video was workable.

We obtained a 2nd board.

This board had a completely different behavior. Please view the attached video.

Also noted was the fact that even though the ADV8003 chip was running very hot. Cooling like we did the previous board had no affect on the video instability.

I would like to have Analog Devices step in and work with us directly to get a working board.

Our evaluation team today received approval from Analog devices to get the Blimp software. We hope we can use this to further determine our concept using your board.