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IIO driver usage and supported linux kernel version

Question asked by on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by simba

Hi ,

   we are designing one custom board based on the DM8148 Evaluation kit, in our custom design we are using the AD7606-BDTZ(analog to digital converter) and AD5362(Digital to analog converter). we are controlling/configuring these devices from DM8148 using spi/parallel interface respectively. and our requirement is to use the linux kernel on this board. i seen that iio driver is available for AD5362 and  AD7606 in your

which linux version we need to use in our board ? so that your ADC/DAC iio driver we will use with-out any changes.

can we use 2.6.37 kernel version ? your's iio driver support is there in this kernel ?

also send us some sample user space application , which will set/get the adc registers  to/from kernel space to user space..

send us the user application to make use of the iio ADC/DAC driver utilities?



Kishore Kumar