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Measuring power, voltage and current with ADE7758 for frequencies between 10 and 100Hz.

Question asked by PP62 on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2015 by hmani

The three-phase alternators driven by the wind provide voltages (50 to 400v) and currents to frequency variable from 10 to 100Hz

(it depends on wind speed).

Can I use ADE7758 in this field of frequencies? If yes, what is the percentage error on currents, voltages e powers ?  

What kind of transducers (voltage / current) do you recommend? TA generally have a band that starts at around 35Hz.

I thought to an Aron configuration for measurement of active and reactive powers. What do you think ?

Is it possible to measure the frequency with ADE7758 ?

Are there another best ADE ICs for this kind of applications? Thanks for your help. Bye