some problems with AD7278

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Hello Clairel,

                  I noticed that you have taken part in many discussions concerning AD7276. Now I am working on the AD7278 ,and I know from the datasheet"AD7276_7277_7278" that AD7276 and AD7278 are in the same device family,is that right? So I hope I can get some advices from you.My project is designning a data acquisition system which based on FPGA+AD7278,now my problem is the interface between FPGA an AD7278,I don't know how can the FPGA control and get the data from the AD7278 by using the signals--sclk and cs.And anther problem is that I can't get enough information about the peripheral circuit connection, so I can't make sure weather my peripheral circuit of AD7278 is corret. I attatch two images. The first one is the signaltap ii image when I connect the AD with the Cyclone EP2C5Q208C8,the other one is my peripheral circuit connections now .As a  student I know there must be many problems ,even some genneral knowledge about circuit connection ,so, hope I can get advice from you

Any advice? 

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.