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RF detector for TV band

Question asked by g.talleri on Apr 14, 2014
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I am searching fo RF detector for special application.

I need to check and measure the RF signal power from a broadband TV amplifier. The TV frequency band is UHF (470...790MHz). There are 40 UHF channels each 8MHz of bandwith and the modulation is COFDM.

The power of these channel is very different (from channel to channel) and the difference could be up to 15 or 20dB. Now, take into account this situation, I am here to ask to you if there is an RF detector that could help me to measure the RF power of this channels. Note that I don't measure one channel but all channel together (the entire band!).

Besides which kind of detector is more suitable for this application? Peak, Logaritmic or RMS? Based on high crest factor I think that the RMS is the right choose, can you confirm to me?

Due to first time that I use this RF detector I don't know if my application could be covered by these devices or not.

Thank you in advance for support.


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