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ADAU 1701 control with Arduino MCU and Keypad

Question asked by Moon13 on Apr 14, 2014
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I hope can get help here...I want control Class D amplifier with ADAU 1701 DSP controlled by  Arduino MCU with Keypad

look picture.


in Webstores I can  buy different ADAU1701 development boards. but never have seen  simple finished  project ADAU 1701 with MCU - LCD - Keypad ready to use with compressor / X-over / Equalizer / Volume control  to put in amplifier


With Sigma Studio I can create Effekts like compressor / X-over / Equalizer / Volume control

After create Effekts with Sigma Studio I want upload and  control  with Keypad controlled by Arduino MCU

MCU Wiring for ADAU1701 controlled by  Arduino MCU with Keypad is easyto find In google and youtube


Elektor - ADAU1701 Universal Audio DSP Board


I have experience in designing Amplifier but now with programming DSP and MCU and its hard to get find qualified technican with knowledege.

In engineer Zone there is FAQ pdf file how to create Microcontroller Code and wiring with Cortex MCU but this cant really help me


Im looking for quick stand alone ADAU1701 working solution. is there any FAQ  how to design software + hardware  for ADAU 1701 with MCU - LCD - Keypad control or any working  product in market available ?