ADV7626 -  4 questions

Discussion created by FreddyS on Apr 13, 2014
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Dear Supporter

Few questions regarding the ADV7626:

1-      Does ADV7626 support the following:


4Kx2K (3840-2160/60fps 8bit Chroma sub sampling 4:2:0 (minimum HDMI 2.0 support)



2-      From HDCP point:


-          Can we work on input side as DTV application (receiving encrypted video and sending unencrypted video)?


-          Can we work on output side as source application  (receiving unencrypted video and sending encrypted video if necessary)?

What is the HDCP register configuration for any case



3-      Can we get the source code for the ADV7626 EVB?




4-   Is OSD supported simultaneously on both output channels? Thanks