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AD9250-FMC interposer and VC707 integration

Question asked by satbv on Apr 12, 2014
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I recently bought AD9250-EBZ and FMC Interposer Card. My aim is to capture the signal through ADC. digitise it and send it to FPGA for filtering. However as a first step, when I try to integrate the ADC with VC707 board, as suggested by the link given below

I am not getting the desired output as mentioned in the link.


I made the board modifications for Rev B FMC interposer card in the ucf file as suggested and I tried following the steps given in the wiki link.


After I built the project through SDK and when I tried loading the FPGA, I got the following error.

SDK Error.png

Also, when I try running the download.bat, instead of getting checks on various test modes, I get the configuration details which is attached below and I am not able to capture any data though chipscope  as the device is disconnected.

bat file error.png

Could you kindly help me out to solve this issue and point out if I am making any mistake in the setup ?