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ADIS16334 Gyro Self-Test Failure Flag

Question asked by billygoat22 on Apr 11, 2014
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We are working with the ADIS16334 Low Profile 6 degree of freedom inertial sensor. When I run the DIAG_STAT command I am receiving a "self-test failure" flag on the x,y, and z gyro sensors and I am also receiving the "Self-test diagnostic error flag" I believe that last flag just means that one or more of the self-tests is failing.


But what I am wondering is if how I can resolve the gyro self test errors. Is it a mechanical issue or can I reset the system?


I am running the sensor on the breakout board using our own software.


When I try to collect data from the Gyro the data I am getting from the bits is outside of the data range of the Gyros.


I do suspect that it might be a mechanical issue as I melted part of the 24 pin socket on the breakout board while trying to solder wires to the breakout board (I'm an undergrad student, cut me some slack!). I have not been able to test the connectivity of the connect so I am still working on that. We have ordered 2 more gyros and boards for future use.


Thank you in advance for the help.