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ADAU1761 serial port doesn't work.

Question asked by Electrovoicer on Apr 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Yagami

I'm implementing simple design based on ADAU1761. The source for ADAU is ASRC. MCLK is 24.576MHz for ASRC and for ADAU. Output serial port of ASRC also clocked from MCLK, i.e. it is synchronous with ADAU. It is connected via I2S interface (Stereo, 96k, LJ, 24bits). I checked signals on input - ok (see attached oscillogram). When  I'm  generating  test signal internally - I see analog signal on DAC  outputs.  When I'm trying to get the signal from serial port - no result. Also I hope I did all necesary settings in the project (attached). As you know, "Input" block has 2 analog and 8 digital lines. I cannot understand what pins from "Input" block must be connected to  another  processing blocks to get the result. There is no detailed description about   it in documentation. 8 digital  source lines  are understandable  -  if  I  use TDM8 mode. But what lines are for Stereo mode?