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Firmware for the AD9959 evaluation board

Question asked by Kevin.G Employee on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by jweiner

I've found that for the AD9959, as long as the firmware is loaded on the Cypress USB chip, a 64-bit driver created with the National Instruments VISA driver creation software (associated with LabView 2010 and later) will allow a 64-bit Windows OS to recognize the evaluation board on USB. Then, communication is possible through NI-VISA commands in LabView.


I've seen some links on the EZ forums to firmware for the AD9910 and AD9957 boards. Any chance you could post the firmware for the AD9959 evaluation board so that I could load it on myself using the specs that Cypress provides? I think it's the only thing I'm missing at this point for my setup. I've noticed at least two other users looking for this firmware file. Thanks!



I felt your question is better suited to being in it's own thread rather than in the Comments section of the FAQ  We don't have the ability to move move a comment to a new thread so I've quoted it above and will delete your comment shortly.


Are you building your own board design and want to use the same cypress chip that we do and also use the same firmware?  We typically don't give out the firmware that gets programmed onto our boards, but there have been exceptions.  However, if you are doing your own board design, I'd suggest using a newer Cypress part with newer firmware and drivers.  I'm a little vague on the details but with a lot of our software that only works on Windows XP, I believe we started with and modified a generic driver that Cypress provided, but that driver only worked with 32-bit operating systems.  Rather than update that driver to make it compatible with 64-bit systems, Cypress developed a brand new driver package that did support 64-bit systems but for us to use the new driver we'd have to re-design our evaluation boards and software to use the new driver which we have not done.


If you are still interested in the firmware, I'll try asking with our DDS group if we can give that out.