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ADP1048 shunt

Question asked by wulox on Apr 9, 2014
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Hello guys


i'm started to play with eval. board 600W pfc interleaved with ADP1048.


I have some questions about the dimensioning of R shunt to add in series of source mosfets and in series with pgnd.


The internal comparator said about of 2 threshold, 0.75V and 0.5V. But in this case i will to have a wery big power losses and dissipationd above the shunt if i calculete they for to obtain a big output power . ( example, 20A ac main, over a 750mV thresold is about 15W losses.....)


Now, is possible to change the tresholds? Is possible to add the gain at the current sense signal for use a litle shunt value? In the TRIM page of the GUI  i can adjust the gaind and offset for the CS+- stage,  is correct?


thank you