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Getting started with the eval-board ADE7758

Question asked by yohan on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by hmani

Hello everyone,

I try to use the eval board of the ADE7758,

I have installed the software and connected the two 5V floating power supply.

I have simulated the current and voltage with a wave generator, (less than 0.5V peak)

I have shunted the 2*500K resitors,

but when I try to do a mesure with the software nothing appear just 0 ...

I can only measure the temperature and the active power,

the active power increase ... and then become negative ...

I can see the IRQs , so the communication is working..

The waveform display only 0...

If you have some ideas to make this thing working properly

I have tried with several gain but without a mesure i can not know the gains ..

Thanks you for your answers

best regards