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AD8333 - Design implementation- Will it work?

Question asked by FreddyS on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by jstaley

Dear Supporter

I am using Image rejection mixer from 5 GHz to Baseband, with LO of 5 GHz as refered in the attached file.

It is for Doppler detection.

The outputs of the mixer are one 0 Deg and one 90 Deg.

The baseband frequency is 50 KHz to 10 MHz/

To get the image reject cancellation or SSB operation we need an Hybrid of 90 Degree at baseband frequency.

But a 50 KHz  to 10 MHz hybrid doesn't exist in the market.


My question:

Can I use AD8333 IQ demodulator with a 4 LO input of 40MHZ to get the same effect as hybrid 0 - 90 degree  at the required frequencies (50 KHz to 10 MHz)?