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ADuM7440 EMI vs Data-rate

Question asked by lbasson on Apr 9, 2014
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I'm looking at using the ADuM7440 in a design that has restricted space and I will therefore have a limited ability to build stitching capacitance inside the PCB (I only have space for maybe 5pF - 30pF depending on how I change the stack-up). I have some concerns about EMI so I have some questions about how the emissions from this device are affected by the input data rate. I had a look at AN-1109 and Table 4 and Table 6 in this document show quite a large reduction in emissions between a data rate of 10Mbps and 1Mbps. My questions are:


  1. How does this scale down to even slower data rates? For example, if I were to have an input data rate of 100kbps, would the emissions be significantly lower than those shown in Table 4 of AN-1109 (1Mbps)? I would expect so but I ask because of the next question:
  2. I see that there are a number of different models for the ADuM7440 (and ADuM1402) capable of various maximum data rates and I was wondering whether these devices all have the same EMI characteristics or do they perhaps have different rise/fall times for the encoding pulses? Or some other difference that affects the EMI characteristics?

Any information would be appreciated.


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