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AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ reference design not working with ZC706?

Question asked by Rohan on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by rejeesh

I have a ZC706 and AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ. I am trying to get the reference design located here up and running. I follow the provided steps:


To begin make the following connections:

  • Connect the AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ board to the FMC-HPC connector of ZC706 board.

  • Connect power to ZC706.

  • Connect two USB cables from the PC to the JTAG and UARTUSB connectors on ZC706.

After the hardware setup, turn the power on..

Start IMPACT, and initialze the JTAG chain. The program should recognize the 7 series device. Start a UART terminal (set to 57600 baud rate) and then program the device. If programming was successful, you should be seeing messages appear on the terminal as shown in figure below 



However, no characters display on the UART terminal. Also, Chipscope is unable to find any ILA cores in the programmed device. Has anyone else been able to get the reference design up and running on the ZC706? Am I doing something wrong? My switch and jumper settings match the default settings ( except for SW4 which I have at b"01".