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ADV7612: Problems with some HDMI sources

Question asked by OliverW on Apr 8, 2014
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we are using the ADV7612 (BSWZ-P) to feed video streams (24-bit RGB format) to our Automotive SoC. This works fine for some video sources (e.g. PC Output with different resolutions, Old DVD-Player), partially works (Newer DVD Player shows flickering start screen) and fails for other video sources (e.g. Blu-ray player (playing Non-DRM content of course), MiraCast receiver).


Trying different EDID versions (also taking the EDID from a Monitor/TV that works with the problematic video source) doesn’t solve the problem. Now I suspect HDCP to be the root cause of the problem. Therefore my question:


Is there a way to find out if the sending device requires HDCP and does only work with an HDCP equipped receiver or if it is a 7612 setup problem?


Please note that we have connected a I2C Flash to the DDC Signals of the HDMI connector. So any HDCP related I2C access will definitely result in a NACK, which should tell the sending device HDCP isn’t supported.  


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P.S. Reading field “HDMI_CONTENT_ENCRYPTED” does always return 0.