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Attenuator Selection for AD8302

Question asked by baban79 on Apr 7, 2014
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This has reference to subject as above.

Considering: ( -) 60 to 0dBm range of AD8302; ( - ) 30dBm setting requirement at INPB (reference i/p) ) to draw best dynamic range of VMAG i.e. full scale variation (-60dBm to 0dBm) at INPA terminal ; 90 degree phase shift between INPA and INPB to observe complete dynamic o/p swing (30MV to 1.8V) at VPHS; output of DDS (AD9834) as one of the reference input to AD8302 chip.


Question: What should be the ATTENUATORS (INPA and INPB)  specifications subject to above considerations to buy from the manufacturer?


I will highly appreciate your intellectual inputs as above.


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