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"Invalid hex record on line 1" during HPUSB-ICE FW update

Question asked by schoppepetzer on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by CraigG

Am I the only one who has problems updating their HPUSB-ICE firmware on VDSP 5.1?

It looks like there's a mismatch between the line endings of the firmware (an Intel HEX stored as a WIN32 resource inside WmHPUSBIce.dll) and the actual code. My best guess is that the code expects 0Ah followed by 0Dh but the HEX file uses 0Ah only. You can easily observe this by using a debugger: after parsing the first line the read pointer is positioned at the second character of the second line right AFTER the colon (which is plain wrong). My solution was to change the code 'on the fly' during debugging to use the right number of characters per line. Albeit a bit risky the update went just fine (and I don't have to do it again, phew). Btw. the firmware inside wmsada.dll does use 0Ah/0Dh line endings...

But the question remains: is it just me or did anybody else faced this problem?