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ADV7612 reset: hardware, software or both?

Question asked by Aphraton on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by mattp


In UG-216 on page 17 it is written, that "The ADV7612 can be reset by a low reset pulse on the reset pin with a minimum width of 5 ms. It is recommended to wait 5 ms after the low pulse before an I2C write is performed to the ADV7612."

Immediately after that follows the description of "MAIN_RESET, IO, Address 0xFF[7] (Self-Clearing)".

That makes an uncertainty about what kind of resets ( hardware, software or both ) should be used to reset ADV7612?

Is software reset enough?

If Yes, then what delay time is needed after making 98 FF 80 ( I2C Reset ) before further I2C writes can be performed to the ADV7612?