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IQ demodulation 0.01-1 MHz

Question asked by xavo89 on Apr 7, 2014
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We are interested in performing an IQ demodulation in the range of 0.01-1 MHz. However, all the chips for IQ homodyne demodulation (that is multiplication of a sinusoidal signal by a sinusoidal carrier, for example AD8333) are intended for frequencies well above 1 MHz, and they all have a minimum value for the input frequency. I have seen another chip (AD630) which performs another type of synchronous detection in which the sinusoidal signal is multiplied by a square-wave carrier (generated internally by a comparator). This chip, according to its datasheet, can work in the range of frequencies of our interest. My question is: is there any chip that performs an homodyne demodulation and is able to work in that range of frequencies or AD630 (or other similar chips) is adequate enough to carry out the measurements?


Thank you all in advance!